English Week of Values Education


English Week of Values Education


CCC Hoh Fuk Tong College designated the second week of March, 11th to 15th to be exact, as English Week under the theme “Values Education”. Every single day of the Week came with opportunities for students of different forms to showcase their English-speaking skills. 


Topics such as flag-raising ceremony, respect for everyone were shared in the morning assembly from the first to the fourth day. The last day, witnessed a prize-giving ceremony in recognition of the hard work of some outstanding students.


The campus was mesmerized during lunch hour of the first day by S4-S5 students as they engaged in public speaking related to an idol or hero in their lives. The audience were emotionally touched as most students shared why their parents are their heroes. Our S2-S3 students had a similar opportunity on the third day to say “Thank You” to a person in the community.


 Throughout the week, students had the opportunity to write and display their dreams on the “Tree of Hopes”. The dreams were written on colourful leaf-shaped materials. 


The Week got to its climax on the final day with a display of talent in Music Busking at lunch. Students exhibited amazing voices and from the look of things, they have a bright future in singing. The school foyer and the balconies were packed with cheering crowd. Later in the afternoon, Common-Knowledge Quiz championed all excitements in the school hall, where representatives of different classes merged to form teams Active, Brave, Curious and Diligent to compete for the biggest prize. The atmosphere was electrifying as the audience seized their chance to answer some national security related questions.


Overall, English Week 2024 was a huge success, with the majority of students taking part in different in-class and out-of-class activities depicting values.